Sunday, January 23, 2011

What day is it?

You guys, today was so disorienting. I once again got up, walked dog, fed dog, fed self, and went back to bed. It was 3pm when I finally emerged for real. I still feel like I could totally fall asleep at any second though. Tomorrow will be more structured because I have brunch plans with my sister before she leaves town.

I don't really have much to contribute right now. I have yet to meditate, but I will before I go to bed. Just trying to chill and take it easy for the next couple of days. Feeling pretty positive overall though.

- Aziz was rockin'
- delicious dinner at a restaurant I hadn't been to in a while
- puppy napped on the couch with me while I watched a movie, he's so cute :)
- overhearing a lot of facebook drama talk regarding my sister and her friends = really entertaining


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