Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the Highs

Random image that came up when I googled "high". I do love those mermaids though :)

The daily highs are one of the most exciting parts of this project for me because they are a simple thing that can make a big difference. If you are unfamiliar "highs" come from the game "High/Low" which is where you simply go around the room stating your high and your low of the day. Not sure where I learned this game, but we started playing it at lunch in high school and our personal rule was you could name as many highs as you wanted, but could only name one low. I liked the idea so much that on a senior trip to Florida I bought a notebook at a Rain Forest Cafe Gift Shop and decided to make it my High Notebook. Whenever I would have a particularly bad day I would make a new entry in the notebook and list off as many good things as I could about that day. I would not list the lows. The thought behind this was that I would be able to look back at any given date and not even remember what made that day so bad. I continued with the notebook up through freshman year of college when I handed it off to my roommate who was going through a serious breakup. She used it for a while and handed it off to her friend. I have no idea what happened to the high book, but I really like the idea of it still floating around full of positive energy but motivated by negative energy. A literal example of how things we experience as negative don't have to have negative consequences.

For this project I will be posting daily highs and maybe a low or two, just to discuss how I've handled them. I'd love it if you'd like to participate in the comments section. And I'm also entertaining the idea of creating some new High Books to send out into the ether.

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