Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's Saturday, so I won't keep you long. Got up this morning and went to an 8:30am Yoga class. It was a really bizarre class because it was incredibly fast paced. Usually I'm all for cardio, but when I go to Yoga I want some time to focus on my poses. This felt like a race. The instructor did a nice reading at the end about how most people think too little of themselves because they think "who am I to be great". Her point was who are you not to be great? Excellent point. Let's keep that in mind for today (or for life). Everyone has greatness inside them and I am a firm believer that people hold themselves back more than any other factor in life. Not saying that some circumstances aren't extremely tough, but I find that my own mind can be my worst enemy especially at difficult times.

In other news, meditation was so so. I think it time for me to up up my time to 15 or 20 minutes. It's become easy for me to get into my flow, so I think it's time to start getting it on with Buddha.

- got up early and got shit done
- took a mid-day nap, my fav
- going to hang out with some fun friends tonight
- feeling really creative/motivated about many things in life right now


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  1. "...but I find that my own mind can be my worst enemy."

    Oh, agreed. Ten thousand times over agreed.