Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Blues

Meditation last night was ok, then briefly awesome, then ok, then awesome, then ALARM. I did 15 minutes and just as I was back into my groove, the alarm went off. I'm really hating mediating to an alarm, but if I didn't I would just be wondering how long I had been meditating the whole time, so alarm it is.

I have been extremely hormonal today. Most of the day was alright because no one was making many demands on me, but when I got home too late to go to Yoga class and my dog was up in my face I found myself feeling very short tempered. At first I tried to ignore him for awhile and loose myself in the abyss of the interweb, but that was exacerbating the issue because he really just wanted my attention. Finally I gave in and decided to do something I had been putting off; trimming his bangs and cleaning the gunk out of his eyes. Not the funnest task, but it provided some bonding time and we both felt better afterwards. I'm still feeling antsy, so I'm going to go clean my bathroom, which always makes me feel better because I love to have CONTROL over my surroundings. Another thing I'd like to work on, but in this case I will have a clean bathroom and won't be holding it against my roommates (that I am doing it once AGAIN) because I was really sick last week, so I should be the person cleaning in there.

- trimmed dogs face
- got another pair of coveted shoes in the mail today (these are the last pair I swear)
- it's snowing and it's pretty


P.S. This documentary is cool and slightly relevant to my comments about how the subway can be cool.

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  1. Managed to meditate last night. Of course, I had a good three hours of enforced meditating while I was in the dentist's chair. Heh.

    Anyway, meditated. It went fairly well. I was a little easier on myself tonight in terms of not getting upset when my mind would wander.