Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Three

Blogger wasn’t working last night, but here is my day three post I wrote last night and am posting now:

Finally got in some exercise this evening. Took my pup on a run around the neighborhood. Felt good to get out plus my dog has been going out of his mind with boredom due to all the long walk inhibiting weather and me not moving from the couch for two days. Tuesday night he actually sat on the couch beside me and just started barking right at my face...

Anywho, we ran for 20 or so minutes stopping for poo breaks of course (him not me). I had plans to do some push ups and a nice stretch, but the run didn’t tire our Henry as much as I had hoped and he was still all up in my junk, so I got right in the shower instead.

Meditation went well on Tuesday with the exception of Henry peeing on the floor at the end (yes my puppy runs my life, I’m told this will ease up in another year or so, not sure if that’s supposed to be comforting or not...). Tonight (Wednesday) I will be meditating while he’s in the crate, which I should have been doing all along, but I am a person who runs while suffering the long lasting effects of food poisoning (think irritable bowels people). I would go into more detail about the meditating, but I’m still working that out as I want to stray away from reflecting on meditating while meditating, just so I can write about it because that wouldn’t really be an effective mediation now would it? Not sure that sentence made sense, but I’m tired and if you’ve ever mediated maybe it did? I’ll explain this in more detail in a future post.

My day as a whole was quite stressfull. We are nearly always understaffed at work and that leads to a lot of anxiety and miscommunication, so now I’m feeling like I dropped the ball on something, which can once again can be blamed on me not being attached enough to my email/ not having email on my phone. I really need to remedy this, but I just don’t like the idea of my cell phone bill doubling AND being that reachable all the time. But if it’s going to make me better at my job I guess I should reconsider. I am the ONLY person in my office who does not have a smart phone.

I’m really tired so I’m going to give you my highs and then get out of here:
- exercised, YAY!
- my roommate cleaned the living room and did all my sick person dishes
- Whole Foods had Brown Cow yogurt on sale (you need to try this yogurt)
- my boss high-fived me today


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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. That sounds like progress.

    Totally dropped the ball on meditating last night, and I realized what the problem is. So I am currently taking steps to rectify it.

    Anyway, I have a smart(er) phone, and I set it so that my e-mail only pops up when I check in, not automatically. It's pretty sweet.

    Also, if work wants you to get a smart phone, shouldn't they pay for it?