Sunday, January 16, 2011

Longer Weekend

I worked yesterday from about 10am until nearly 4am. Around 3am, while I was waiting for video to compress, I tried to do some yoga... It only lasted about 5 minutes, but it did feel nice afterwards. Note: Yoga is really hard when you're REALLY tired. My exercise goals for the week have been less than satisfactory. I guess I technically exercised three times this week (if I make it to the gym today), but both yoga sessions (esp last night's poor showing) weren't as rigorous as I would prefer them to be. Oh well, live and learn. Exercising before Thursday might have been helpful.

Work was a tough day. For the daytime hours, I was working simultaneously on two jobs and then the majority of my evening was spent trying to sync the audio and picture of  three cameras that ran on set simultaneously. This usually isn't too difficult except the production people decided not to use the clapper on the slate, which serves as a visual and audio reference point to synch to. In essence, I spent many hours staring at people's lips in slow motion and zoomed in audio waveforms. Crazy Saturday night, I know!

Luckily I meditated before all that craziness, but I won't lie and say that I didn't get close to a meltdown at one point. Fortunately I had my dog with me. Being forced to stop to take him on a walk was a real life saver. Sometimes all you need is a little timeout. I was also able to recognize that much of my frustration was coming from being tired, so I self-medicated with a boost of green tea and that kept me going for the remainder of the evening. My whole body is sore. It's crazy to me how sitting in a chair all day can make you feel so physically exhausted. I think it's just another example of how a weak and/or tired mind really does affect everything.

As far as Highs:
- feel really proud of myself for getting all that work finished on my own
- made some overtime monies
- didn't have a meltdown in spite of urges to do so


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  1. Jeezlepete. I'm so sorry about all of the work, but glad you're trying to have a positive attitude about it.

    And yeah, it's a good thing to have enforced "smoke" (or dog) breaks. I'm glad you had Henry with you.