Friday, January 14, 2011

I Should Be In Bed

I was at work until 3am this morning. Awesome. I had to leave at 5:30 because my roommate informed me that the pup had pooped his crate and my roommate was on his way to work, so the pup was locked in the bathroom. This is probably where I should mention, my dog only poops in the crate when he absolutely has to (i.e. dihererra). I was concerned about leaving him in the bathroom because he will get into anything if he's given the time, so I hurried home to clean up the mess.

Again not sure if it's the meditating or because it wasn't the first time I cleaned up poop, but for some reason I didn't freak out. I went in with a strategy and I got shit done errr shit cleaned up. So now I am sitting peacefully in my very clean house and I even had time for a Yoga DVD and meditation. The Yoga was nice, but only 30 minutes, so I would have preferred something a little more challenging, but I didn't get much sleep last night and I spent the evening cleaning, so I took what I could get (or already had in my living room). Meditation started off strong until I started to wonder why it was going so well. I opened my eyes at 11 minutes and then every minute after that. I also started to doze off... I was meditating on emptiness and I really felt like I got to the emptiness and then got bored and then started to wonder what else my Buddha book said about emptiness...But man those first 11 minutes, gotta just hang onto that.

- made it to work on time despite all odds
- major dog mess wasn't the end of the world, who knew?
- not at work right now



  1. Sounds like you handled it pretty well. And are handling being at work until ridiculous hours pretty well.

  2. oh, and managed to meditate again last night. Still pretty brutal.