Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bouncing Brain

This post may seem a little scatter brained, but here are the thoughts I'm left with at the end of this day.

  • Today and yesterday (and only after work) I was particularly anxious for no real reason. Easily overwhelmed, frustrated, short temper, all that. No biggie, but it happens. Maybe something hormonal, not sure. 
  • Again, why are we so hard on ourselves? I arranged a really generous gift for a friend today and even just typing that sentence makes me uncomfortable because it feels like bragging. But what's wrong with saying, "I was generous today."? Nothing. Even more than that, I started thinking to myself, "how come I never do anything nice for my family, they've given me so much and I don't even think about them when I want to be generous..." I can recognize this as irrational, but I can also guess that this type of thinking is common among all of us. We all need to take more time to allow ourselves to feel happiness over the good we do instead of focusing on all the good we DON'T do. 
  • Yoga Journal is a cool magazine and they have great FREE resources on their livemag website. I ripped out an article today about how comforting it is that you can take your practice everywhere. In the article they outlined a quick little time out for sticky situations that went something like this:
    • Set an intention i.e. "I will overcome what that asshole just said to me"
    • Find a quiet place or put on headphones
    • Take four big breathes lifting your shoulders to your ears as you inhale and back down as you exhale
    • Take 10 breathes, if you get distracted start over until you can do 10 just focusing on the breath
    • Bring your hands into prayer and bow to yourself and your intention
  • Up until now my highs have been centered around things that in Buddhism are considered distractions and are not relevant to an enlightened mind. Now, I'm not anywhere near enlightenment, but in effort to become closer, I'm going to make at least one high more spiritual
- FINALLY all seven seasons of Grey's Anatomy are on netflix, love me some medical drama
- meditation went really well this evening
- I focused on a mental state when I realized I was cranky again tonight and was able to have a nice, calm evening aka successfully thwarted my anxiety. 


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  1. Meditated last night for the first time in about five days. So that was good. Also had a good talk with Bruce about having talks with Bruce. Shit, we're so meta.

    Secret hipsters... We're so hipster we're fucking incognito. You wouldn't have heard of us, because we're so obscure.

    I think I'm going to do some private performance art in an obscure location to music you've never heard of while drinking pabst because it is authentic.