Monday, January 3, 2011

Rough Start

Today did not go remotely as planned. Yesterday after returning from brunch and a movie I became incredibly sick. I'm pretty sure it's food poisoning which is my least favorite kind of poisoning(I prefer psychedelic mushroom poisoning). I wasn't able to make it to work today and am still feeling not so great. Obviously, I did not make it to the gym as planned. I plan to meditate tonight which should be interesting since I can barely sit up and have never meditated while physically ill. I will do it though because this project is meant to be challenging and in a weird way I like that the universe has thrown me this curve ball.

So here are my highs for the day(and I will let you know how the "meditating" goes):
- unexpected extension of Christmas vaycay
- many offers from excellent people to come care for me/bring me foods
- Bachelor premiere (it's no Rock of Love, but hey I'm siiiick)
- I didn't throw up today
- lots of naps


1 comment:

  1. How'd the meditating go?

    I did last night, for 15 minutes. Used one of those guided meditation thingys (I can give you the CD if you want, they're pretty good) and my little mind was bouncing around like a crackmonkey. Which is fine. And to be expected. I'm going to try to do 15 minutes a day for a week or two and then see how things go from there.

    Amazingly enough, Beezer just chilled while I meditated.

    How are you feeling today? Any better?