Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spontaneous Gift, January 2011

Yes, on the last day of the month I am focusing on my goal of giving a random gift or card to someone in my life. I decided to send a "just because" type card to my mom. I knew she would really appreciate it and I do about two nice things for her per year (her birthday and Christmas). The woman may drive me nuts, but she is my mother.

Meanwhile, I've been having a strange craving for Shell Silverstein and other child-like things such as drawing. Oddly, Mr. Silverstein seems to make a lot more sense on a Buddhist level than most of pop culture. He keeps it simple and positive on the whole. Not a lot of the angst you see in most poems and music. Take the poem in the picture for example (which I randomly flipped to first thing). It talks about how you can have "one of those days", but it doesn't get all worked up about it, it even adds a funny picture. So, you're having a bad day? No biggie, this guy is too. Right now I'm really feeling like all of life should be interpreted as a Shell Silverstein poem.

In other news, haven't meditated today, but I did get up around 7 this morning. I was definitely awake since 7, but I stayed in bed till about 7:25ish... Either way, I was able to take my time getting ready, but I'd like to get up right at 7 tomorrow. 

- really feeling the Buddhist mind-set today
- feeling the buddhist mind-set led to me enjoying everything a great deal 



  1. Spontaneous gifts: Good!

    Meditated. It's getting harder. And I'm still at 15. Why?

  2. I feel like I was going through the same thing last week. My meditation became this habit that I was just doing it, but not really doing it, if you know what I mean...I was just going through the motions, which is helpful in a way, but not in the awesome way that meditation is when you're really focused. Anyway, for whatever reason I just snapped out of it. I think mixing it up (i.e. guided or not-guided, 20 min or ten, morning or night) helped me find my groove again. For me, it can't be boring or forced. It's the same way when I go to the gym. I have to mix it up or I just won't go.