Monday, July 7, 2008


Television series on DVD can be a great thing. I have come to consider them the modern girl's ice cream. If you are looking for a lo-calorie way to ignore your problems, DVD-TV is the way to go. But just like our high-calorie friends Ben and Jerry, DVD-TV has consequences too...

It all started last week when my roommate was re-gifted the first three seasons of LOST. They looked so harmless sitting there on my TV stand. I wasn't doing anything, so I popped a disc in the DVD player, then another, and then another. Next thing I know, it was 3am and I was saying to my roommate, "come on, just one more, what's 40 more minutes?" It hasn't even been a week and I am half way through season 2. I left my roommate behind discs ago, so I am now confined to watching them alone in my room, on my macbook. My friends have tried to get me out of the house, but how can I leave when Walt is out in the jungle all alone? They just don't understand me. I have to stay, I have to know what happens. Summer will come again next year. What's so great about the sun anyway? Has the sun won 8 Emmys? I didn't think so.

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