Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get Your Freak On

My roommate Jen and I were headed out last night and as we walked down the street a truck of NYC firemen drove past. As they drove by they waved at my roommate and she waved back. Now I knew we were both looking good so I congratulated her and jokingly said, "girl, you got your game on tonight"

This boy that stands on the street handing out coupons for the local sneaker shop overheard me and replied, "That's right!" We all laughed and continued on our way. 

This evening I was headed home and I passed the same young man outside the sneaker shop. We locked eyes and I knew that he knew who I was. I suddenly became aware that I was still wearing the same clothes that I had on last night...He gave me a knowing nod and I knew he was thinking, "Girl got her game on las night." I wanted to say, "It's not what you think sneaker boy", but I knew there was no point, so I straightened my skirt, held my head up and just kept walking.
I love me neighborhood.

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