Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can you repeat that?

Today my friend received a text message from his roommate that read "I have a lot of sausage". As it turned out, his roommate has decided to write a text that was so long he had to send it in two parts and my friend had read the second part first. All his roommate was trying to tell him was that he was making spaghetti (with sausage in the sauce) and he wanted to know if my friend would care for any, because he had a lot of sausage.

Little miscommunications like this always tickle my fancy, especially when they go on for a while AND involve your coworkers. Awkwardness+coworkers is almost always a good time. An incident last week went a little something like this:

Scene: Lunch with co-workers (who happen to include my boyfriend). Everyone sits around a large bar eating and talking amongst themselves. One employee (Stephanie) reads New York magazine.  

Stephanie: Did you know the average amount of apartments for a woman is 6 and for a man it's 37?

Me to my boyfriend: How many apartments have you had?

Boyfriend: Oh I dunno, there were a few in college and the one I shared with my friend, and...

Stephanie abruptly: Are you seriously going to do this in front of us???

Me: What? I just want to know how many apartments he's had.

Stephanie: I said partners not apartments.

Boyfriend: Oh god, that could have gone on for a while.

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