Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's More Like It

Got back on the meditation wagon last week and by this Monday I was feeling noticeably better, I was also able to exercise three times last week, one of which was an amazing hike in CT on our way back from Boston. It felt so good to do something outside after this increasingly long winter. It had been years since I'd spent time in the woods and I had never done it as a Buddhist. Being in nature is amazing when you take the time to feel the rocks under your feet and breathe in the fresh air. Maybe I've been in the city too long, but I really enjoyed myself.

Here are some pics:


  1. Those are really lovely pictures.

    Glad you had a good walk in the woods. I've missed them since being in NYC. The Botanical Gardens are as close as I get.

    Careful, or you might end up sounding like me (being accused of being on acid when I start rhapsodizing about the texture of an iron fence or the carvings on a building). :)

  2. Oh wait... that was YOU who accused me of sounding like I was on acid. :)