Sunday, August 3, 2008


The other day, my friend Kristin and I were enjoying a beer on the roof of my office and we spotted a blimp. Instantly I started to comment on how lame blimps are. "Blimps are lame", I spouted.

Kristin: Yeah, they can't be that effective at advertising, all it says is "DirecTV" it doesn't even have a call to action.

Me: I think the only person who should be allowed to have a blimp is P. Diddy.

Kristin: Oh look at that... it does have their number on the bottom... and the season premiere of Mad Men is on Sunday.

Me: Mad Men is the best. I'll support Mad Men on the side of a blimp.

Kristin: Who flies blimps anyway?

Me: I have no idea. Do you need training or what? Maybe it's like when cops can't cut it and they become security guards.

Kristin: I really don't know anything about blimps.

Me: This is why everyone should have an iPhone. If I had an iPhone I could wikipedia this shit right now.

I'm a curious person and today I remembered I still no nothing about blimps. I don't know anyone who's ever been in one let alone knows how to operate one. Naturally, I thought wikipedia would have the answers to all of my questions and surprisingly it did not. It did clear one thing up though, a Zeppelin is not the same thing as a blimp. Apparently a blimp is considered a non-rigid (no supporting framework or keel) airship while a Zeppelin is a rigid airship. You can read more here.

The best site I found is this one. I has lots of nifty facts about blimps.

Apparently one who flies a blimp is just a Blimp Pilot. BORING. I prefer blimponeering

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