Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creep at My Party

Last Saturday, my friend Heather and I held out 4th annual underwear party. Throughout the course of the night a few random people wandered in. For the most part, the random peeps were pretty cool, but when it came time to leave one guy really wanted to stick around. I'm pretty sure he asked every girl at the party if he could go home with her and at one point I caught him laying in my roommate's bed.

Finally after everyone else had left, I got him half way out the door and this conversation ensued:

Creeper: Can I stay wit u?

Me: No sorry, I already have a lot of people staying at my place

Creeper: Aww, just give me a kiss

Me: ok *quick peck* (keep in mind I was drunk and somehow thought fulfilling his request would help the situation)

Creeper: Goodnight baby

Me: Bye

Creeper: Come on just touch it *grabs his junk*

Me: *shuts door*

1 comment:

  1. new rule: invite or invite by association only.
    i cant wait for next year :)