Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 Noteworthy Conversations

While underwear shopping with Lady M:

"You should get these red plaid ones, then we can match!"

"Why would we EVER need matching panties?"

"For Colin's wetdreams."

"Oh, good point. But I hope you know this is going to ruin my whole underwear color palate. Right now they are all blues, pinks, and purples."

"Welcome to New York Katie." 

Talking to Jenna at Work:

"Well how did she meet this guy?"

"They met at Governor's school."

"Governor's school??"

"Yeah, you know, it's like for smart kids and you go learn about poli-sci and stuff. I guess it's kind of for future politicians."

"Yeah, kind of like how dental school is for future dentists."

"What? they don't have Governor's School in Arizona?"



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